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1 review for Bone, Joint & Spine Therapy

  1. George Wallace

    I use this product for my back and knee pain. Works amazing and fast! Has a clean smell. I have recommended this to all my friends and family. I have had terrible back and knee pain for the past 10 years and no other product has been able to take my pain away like this product does.

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Each of our Guided Nutrient products has the advantage of unlimited ingredients that can be included.  Each of the supplements is completely processed for the easiest and fastest absorption and utilization possible.

Whether it has been damaged by injury, disease or just life’s wear and tear, nerve dysfunctions can benefit. Symptom relief form the following conditions include: loss of sensation, skin crawling sensations, unexplained or traveling pains, shooting pains and muscle cramping; as well as motor problems including involuntary movements, shaking and loss of strength, or other stress related conditions.

In the case of nerve dysfunction, apply this product to the area of the problem as well as the nerves path to the brain. Standard startup instructions apply, but for regular use, two to three applications a day should be enough to maintain sought improvements. A standard application will cover least one square foot of skin.

Bone, Joint & Spine Treatment Effectiveness

The effectiveness of each ingredient is so great that all categories of nutrition can be included to fill all possible demands not previously being met.  Some targeted products need only a few, while others dealing with complete systems require over thirty individual nutrients.  The second advantage that enables the nutrients in our products to be “guided” so effectively is that our nutrients are not taken by mouth and are not limited to the inefficiencies of the gut.  Thanks to the advantage created by our “trans dermal effect,” all ingredients in our treatments are literally “Guided” to the source of the problem where it can instantly respond to the needs of the body.  It literally floods the affected tissues with more balanced nutrition than it can take.  This nutrition and energy rich flood of nutrition is so ample and easily available that previously malnourished, even starved nutrition receptors take in all they can hold and process into new cells and tissue.  This process literally takes seconds to minutes as noted and reported by the relief from pain and improved function as customers testimonials substantiate.  The improvements can last up to six hours until all the nutrients are used up and the pain signal is given for more sustenance.  If the period of relief is less than six hours it may indicate that the tissues are in an urgent level of need and that the nutrients have been consumed at a much faster rate than normal.  In this case simply reapply as often as needed to get the optimum relief.  Don’t worry.  It will only take a day or two to balance the problem area’s needs and consumption.  At that point three applications a day will normally sustain the improvements.  You can take the first step to changing how you deal with your body’s problems by selecting and ordering the Guided Nutrition product that is right for you.

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