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Our new ClearSkin product is not just another topical product that tries to reduce the effects of the rash by treating the top of the skin. ClearSkin goes to the root of the problem by delivering selected incredibly powerful natural anti-inflammatory herbal and mineral supplements all the way down to the dermis, the live and growing part of the skin. All of the skin from the outer most layer of dead scales through the increasingly dense layers of the dermis benefit from this nutritional support and inflammation fighting infusion. Like many of our Guided Nutrients customers just a few drops of ClearSkin can begin to relieve the itch and sting in minutes. Following recommended application instructions can do so much more than just relieve itchy sensations, it can arrest and interrupt the cause of the outbreak. With regular use many people have experienced total clearing.


All of the factors that go into our ClearSkin product makes the results very unique.  ClearSkin addresses the cause of Eczema and/or Psoriasis.  These rashes are a result of an auto-immune disorder.  The body’s immune system misreads a substance and determines that there is an external biological threat.  So, like it would with any bacteria it doesn’t like, it tries to kill it.  It does this by making the environment as unhealthy for the “intruder” as possible.  However, since there is no intruder, it just inflames the local area and the immune system never gets the “all clear” signal to let it stop this process.  It may come and go, but it can literally stay inflamed for a lifetime. 

That is until now! 

Extremely powerful and proven herbal supplements such as turmeric and renown natural mineral salts from the Dead Sea are delivered to the living, growing layer of the skin.  Their anti-inflammatory properties immediately disrupt this destructive process.  Once ClearSkin does this, all of the original problems can then grow from the dermis outward and transform into healthy skin cells.

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